Arts, Commerce and Science College, Maregaon is a premier institute of excellence, engaged in knowledge building for inclusive social development and moluding globally competent and socially sensitive professionals towards social transformation and enlighten students of tribal area and to contribute their services for universal development by promoting education.


Mission of the institute is to develop students with higher knowledge, lifelong learning skills and groom them into responsible citizens.
“Social Transformation through Dynamic Education” is the prime motto of the Institute.

Goals and objectives

• To promote activities necessary for overall development of the students in tribal and rural area to face the challenges of the competitive world.
• To help the needy and economically weaker students in education.
• To offer meaningful academic programmes by continuous updating of the curriculum, and research methodology to suit the changing needs.
• To develop a research culture on the campus through academic publication and project work.
• To respond to current social issues with academic acumen.
• To sensitize students to actively get involved in social movements, issues and creative social animation.