It gives me immense pleasure that Arts, Commerce and Science College at Maregaon, is a growing institute of Shetkari Shikshan Sanstha, Maregaon. It is a premier institution in this region and imparting the best in every field of knowledge withmost purposeful manner. The College has high academic standards and atmosphere of discipline, it is an ideal institutions in this region. It is a joy to learn that the students are constantly encouraged and upgraded in the college for their betterment. 

Our faculty members are moral and conducting classes regularly with all excellencies, they have strength of character, discipline and efficiency which are sinews of the country. In order to meet the global challenges of more changing and demanding educational environment, college gives first priority for the overall development of students and the betterment of society. I wish all upcoming success for the prospective students of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Maregaon in all their endeavors.

Mr. Jivanpatil Kapse
Shetkari Shikshan Sanstha, Maregaon